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Cohegent Content Menu

Cohegent's approach produces high-quality material customized for your brand and audience. Free up your time. Get high-value tasks only humans can handle. Begin with a comprehensive editorial calendar that optimizes keywords.

Blog Posts

We research topics to generate draft posts.

Social Media

We create organic and paid social media post copy, then refine it to align with your brand voice on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.


We draft well-researched first versions of email newsletters for relevant, engaging emails.

White Papers

We analyze data and research to produce white paper frameworks, reports, and infographics.

Website Copy

SEO-focused website content which our editors then optimize for reader engagement and calls-to-action.

Video/Audio Scripts

We craft initial scripts and storyboards, adding humor, emotion, and connection through human understanding.

Slide Decks

We handle data-intensive presentation creation, adding slides, examples, stories, and visuals.

Training Manuals

Information-rich training document drafts, instructional design, and consistency.

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