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3 Essentials for Creating Mobile Friendly Content

It doesn’t matter how strong content is if no one ever sees it. It's imperative to consider the needs of your audience before creating a content strategy, not after. Use best practices for creating mobile-friendly content.

Consider these facts from Pew Research:

  • More than half (64%) of Americans have a smartphone

  • More than half (63%) of adults use their phones to go online

  • More than a third (34%) of people who use their phones to go online use their phones most times they go online instead of a desktop computer or laptop

Mobile is an increasingly popular way to consume content. Make sure that your content strategy includes plans for content specifically designed for mobile consumption. Here are some simple tips:

Use Mobile-Friendly Design

Reading an article on a mobile device is a different experience than using a desktop computer. A short paragraph on desktop, for example, can appear much longer on a mobile device.

For mobile content, try to keep paragraphs short and clean. Huge blocks of text may cause readers to leave, even if the content is great.

Also keep in mind that clicking links on a mobile device is a different experience. Without a mouse or cursor, all links in mobile content need to be touch-friendly.

Links that are too close could make it difficult for users to get to the link they want, which is an easy way to drive them away.

Give Mobile Users What They Want

Videos are popular among mobile users, with 28% watching at least one video per day, according to a Nielsen study.

Incorporate videos into your content strategy, including shorter, social options like Vine or Instagram videos.

Visual content can help keep the attention of mobile users, so make sure to include content with visual appeal.

Pay Attention to Mobile-Focused Analytics

Google Analytics should be your best friend for mobile-friendly content creation.

Go to the audience section and click on mobile. Under the overview section, you can learn all about what searches are bringing mobile users to your content.

Use this knowledge to tailor your content strategy toward what people are searching for and to drive more searches toward the content you want people to find.

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