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It blends: AI plus the human voice equals content gold

Planet Money recently created an entirely AI-generated podcast episode. The producers used an incredibly convincing AI voice clone of the host. A large language model created the copy. Everything they needed was there...except the humanity. There was something hollow about the content. It got me thinking, and led to my new service, CohegentAI. Sure, you can output a firehose of content with LLMs like ChatGPT, Bing, and Claude. But does it connect on a human level? Can you feel the human behind the words?

I got certified as a prompt engineer so I could understand the deeper possibilities of LLM outputs. Then I began to augment the results by editing, fact checking, and, well, humanizing the content. Because communication is really an intimate experience. It's one on one, no matter how many people you reach. At one point while working as a copywriter for Amazon (before LLMs were available), I created an email that went out to 90 million people. But only one person read it at a time.

There's a far better solution that's incredibly cost effective for businesses. By using AI as a backbone and adding the human touch, content becomes infinitely more readable, enjoyable, and effective. And that's what we do at CohegentAI.

Learn more about CohegentAI here.


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