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Social Media Monitoring and Content Marketing

Social media is a two way street. It's not simply not enough to post content and allow it to float, unmoored. A successful social campaign involves listening as well as speaking.

There's an underlying rationale to leveraging social in the first place.

Every successful content marketing strategy needs multiple points of support: compelling copy, relevance, clear objectives and a growing audience.

Great content, no matter how well crafted, is invisible without an audience. A successful social campaign builds an audience by getting credible content in front of prospects who are already out there looking for answers.

Consider today's digital shopper. The average person is in information triage mode. Customers, increasingly on mobile, choose from countless feeds. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram become primary news sources. Sandwiched between social media's personal updates, cute animals and dessert, a sales pitch is out of place and at best, a shot in the dark.

The sales process is largely DIY. The consumer is in charge of the journey. It's a nonlinear path from discovery to purchase, with only one constant. And that constant is consumer control.

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