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3 Words to Avoid on Your Website

They're tiny words. But the impact is tremendous. Once you realize why you should stay away from these words, you will increase engagement and sales.

Not going to let you twist in the wind on this. The words are WE, US and OUR.

You're thinking, excuse me? Yet take a look around on the web and you will note how many business sites are full of "We are" and "Our Services" and "Work With Us."

The problem is that not a single one of those phrases clues potential customers into why they should be interested.

It's a self-centered point of view. You forget that you are not in business to blow your own horn. You are in business to help people achieve a goal.

This is the age of the customer, where the experience is entirely in the hands of your prospect. They don't care about you. They care about themselves. Don't tell them about yourself. Tell them what they can gain out of the relationship.

Here's the solution.

  • Instead of We, try a phrase that begins with You. Or just implies You. It's not "We Offer Faster Internet," it's "Get Faster Internet."

  • Instead of Our Services, just spell out what your customer can expect to gain.

It doesn't matter if you offer a retail or B2B solution, because in either case, you are speaking to only one person at a time. One person is reading your copy.

Speak to one person, not the crowd. Tell your human connection what to expect when he or she purchases from you. That's real assistance, and real value.

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