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Cool Email Hack: You Can Tell When Someone Opens It

There's nothing more frustrating than sending out an email and not knowing if it was opened. Sidekick is a cool extension for the Chrome browser that pulls back the curtain and lets you know exactly when emails are opened, and when links within the emails are clicked.

In this example, the recipient is listed as "Someone," and I have included it in the post for clarification purposes without sacrificing privacy. Normally, the name and photograph of the recipient is at the top of the page. Because this particular message was sent to multiple people, it is listed anonymously.

The days of mystery are over. Yes, there is a bit of a creepiness factor. But consider it an electronic version of a security camera. After a short while, your friends and colleagues will forget it's there.

Sidekick is an app from the marketing automation experts at Hubspot. It's free for the first 30 days, and then it's about the price of a Netflix subscription (though arguably, far more useful). If you refer your friends, you get 30 days free.

You too can become psychic. Just click this link, sign up, and install the extension. It will blow your mind.

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