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How FinServ Wins at Content Marketing

Have you ever noticed that the world tends to be split between word people and number people?

Though it may seem that marketing and finance exist in totally different spheres, the financial industry is actually adept at creating impactful content marketing.

FinServ understands how to target an audience, answer its questions and keep people coming back for more.

So, how do they do it?

Make It Easy

Look at the marketing campaigns for any major financial company. Chances are, ease of use is one of the main focuses.

Financial professionals know that people don’t like complicated processes, which is why simplicity is such a driving force in this industry.

Not only does the finance industry apply these principles to their products, but also to their content marketing.

They know that the audience doesn’t want to read a lengthy, highly-technical piece of content, so they create pieces that are entertaining and informative.

For example, to teach Millennials about their how their credit scores impact their lives, created an infographic to show them the information in an easy-to-digest format.

Offer Options

Not only was that infographic a good example of simplicity in content marketing, but it also demonstrated another thing that the financial industry excels at: variety.

People have different needs and preferences, so content needs to offer options to appeal to these different sort of people.

FinServ does a good job of mixing up their content to attract all sorts of consumers. There are blog posts, infographics, videos, podcasts, Twitter chats with financial experts and all kinds of other interesting and informative content available from the financial industry.

Analyze, Fix, Repeat

Of course, the metrics and measurement-driven financial field does a wonderful job of using analytics to drive their content efforts.

Return on investment is an important part of running any business successfully, so measurement is crucial to make sure that content efforts are paying off.

Depending on the goal of the content (engagement, calls and leads), there should be particular metrics set up to make sure that the goal is being met.

Analyze everything and use the data to adjust and inform future content strategy.

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