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Top 5 Accounts To Follow On Periscope

Periscope is a populist journalism lab. Launched right after prime competitor Meerkat, live broadcasting belongs to the smartphone-toting public.

Truth be told, most of the public has nothing to say, and it's easy to find countless examples of people staring blankly and silently from poorly framed selfie shots.

But approximately one out of every fifty incredibly boring feeds shines (this is purely anecdotal evidence). And those numbers are bound to increase due to the clever audience feedback mechanism built into Periscope. The first clue that your Periscope sucks? Your followers leave after a few seconds. And the clue that you're doing it right? Hearts fly up the right side of your screen like a frenzy of released helium balloons.

Broadcasters without an audience give up sooner or later, and the videographers with the best feedback and audience numbers break through like sunshine on a cloudy day. Not too different from traditional ratings models of conventional TV and radio.

Owned by Twitter, Periscope is a live streaming mobile app designed to allow people to look into the day-to-day lives of just about anyone. The software provides live transfers of video from any location of your favorite blogger to your phone or computer, but you need to access the app on your phone if you want to post comments or send hearts. Twitter and Periscope users share the same name (for example, I am @extrenergy on both platforms). One problem with Periscope is that you can't do elaborate searches to find feeds of interest. Currently you can limit your search geographically, not by topic, and often a user will name a video tantalizingly rather than accurately. It's not all that easy to discover the needles among the haystacks. Here are 5 to get you started. @deepakchopra A world renowned public speaker and author, Deepak Chopra is an Indian-born American who is all about popular forms of spirituality. He is also a strong advocate for alternative medicine. Chopra is quite popular on Periscope and was among the first people to join. @kimgarst She is Boom! CEO and Founder, a social media, personal branding and social business consulting firm. Kim Garst provides her followers with marketing insights. When there is something new in the industry, she is the first to talk about it. Following her can give you ideas on how to improve your business using social media. Check out her recent blog post comparing Periscope and Meerkat. @realoceansky An no-holds barred entrepreneur goes by the name realoceansky on all of his social media accounts, including Periscope. Reza, AKA Ocean Sky, shares his life through other platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. Each day he offers his followers advice. He kicks random items around his home, cracks jokes and shows off his cars. @markshaw When sharing his negotiation and business intelligence, Mark Shaw is straight and to the point. Lots of advice and at what a velocity. He's doing up to a broadcast every two hours. Mark Shaw is popular for his quote "stop whining, start hustling." He has several popular 'scopes' that have had an international impact. @amandaoleander An LA based artist, Amanda Oleander skyrocketed to the top right after the initial launch of Periscope. Based on the high number of hearts sent her way, she become the service's 'most-loved' user. Her feed mainly features a stream of her life as she goes about her day in the city. Her personality is good enough to give her a huge following. Oleander was named the first Periscope star by New York magazine recently.

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