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10 Fascinating Digital Marketing Stats

Don’t deny it. Your business is ruled by digital marketing, and if it’s not, it should be. Consider some interesting recent digital marketing facts.

Faking It

According to a study conducted by Shop+, more than 26 percent of people born after the year 2000 present fake birthdays to online retailers in order to gain access to deals and promotions. The study looked at over 1,000 entries from shoppers ages 18 to 34 in order to gain information about this and several other data points. Rainbows Everywhere

Following the Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage across the nation, Facebook reported a colorful change to profile pictures of their users in support of the law that reached numbers close to 26 million. Users took advantage of the site's built-in rainbow filter for images in order to show their community support. The Men All Pause

Most people assume that ads for clothing and other types of goods are primarily geared towards women. This advertising trend is receiving further indirect support thanks to a study published by Yahoo. Focusing on the feelings of more than 620 fathers, these males felt that they were hardly ever the focus of targeted, online advertising. More than 50 percent reported themselves as an under-recognized demographic.

Woman on Woman Action

FIFA has been the target of negative attention in the news as of late. However, some positive statistics have come their way as more than 9 billion positive Tweets that were centered around the Women's World Cup went online.

You’re Not There Mobile apps designed around location-based dating are not nearly as accurate nor transparent as they seem when you look at the numbers up close. According to user polls, nearly 60 percent of users of Apps such as SinglesAroundMe utilize the “shift” button in order to obscure their actual location that is visible to other users. One on One Action

Mobile personalization is certainly the wave of the future when it comes to digital marketing. A survey by Teradata reveals that 90 percent of respondents from over 1,506 marketers across the globe report that one-to-one personalization is the top priority for their firms in the immediate future. Buzzfeed Trending Up

There is plenty of money to be made when it comes to staying in touch with users in the digital world. According to some reports from the Wall Street Journal, it is likely that Buzzfeed's revenue will jump at least 50 percent over the next year to bring its totals to close to $150 million. Branding? Not So Much

While many retailers assume that online shoppers begin their search with the outlet that they believe will be most likely to offer a particular product at the best price, customers are far less about branding than one might expect. Studies reveal that 44 percent of online shoppers begin with a generic search for goods using multiple search engines. Once Again, Size Matters

Despite the fact that it may not be a college paper, word count matters. Quicksprout reports that posts with over 2,500 words are 68 percent more likely to be shared and receive likes on Facebook. 2nd Ingredient: Google

Finally, Youtube has temporarily taken over the spot as the second-largest search engine on the web according to Social Media Today. It ranks above the numbers posted by Ask, Bing, and Yahoo combined.

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